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Foreclosure Assistance for Veterans / Military Members

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My husband just returned from Afghanistan. he was a reservist pulled for active duty and his job laid him off while he was deployed. Now he came back from overseas and unemployment is not enough for payment and our lender Calvet says their is not any protection for us to get on back on our feet and they want to foreclose.
I thought the SCRA would help us not to lose our home right away but it sounds like it doesn't really help people. Not sure what if anything I can do now. Anybody know about this?
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Elaine of TSA
 in response to travzmomma...   

The VA claims that they are no longer representing clients as advocates w/their mortgage companies but have instead provided the mortgage companies a financial incentive to work it out with the home owner.  I would suggest you ask the VA what to refer to their incentive program as to determine if the Wells Fargo contact person is aware of it. 

Also try



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have tried almost every thing too and can't get help! Not from Wells Fargo, not the VA no organizations either don't "qualify" or they are out of money. My husband is a Veteran, and we have a 2yr old son, Wells Fargo has already set the sale date to July 16th unless we come up with 5,000 even then I am sure they will hike up that amount. money guzzeling pukes. Claim they want to help but only care about the money they can make! This is sickening!

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Army Viet Vet

I apologize for the errors, misspellings . and typos in my post. I don't handle stress and frustration well.

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Army Viet Vet

I have run into the same stone wall. I am a disabled Viet vet declared unemployable by the VA. We have made some bad financial decisions and have also been taken advantage of. I trying to get a loan modification fron Wells Farge, I have been tolf they can do nothing because I am current on my payments. When I tolfd them that the well had run dry and we cannot continue to make these mortgage payments at 9.5 % interet, they said there was nothing they could do unless we were in default. The VA and Hud offered no assistance in getting a loan modification.

I accept my responsibility for my bad decision, but these people need to stop climing they are offering assistance. They claim to not want foreclosed properties bu refuse to do anythin to stop the customer slide into the abyss.

This is nothing but short sighted greed finaced by bailout money these unethical basrards took from the Federal government. These execs are short-sighted leeches bleeding the country dry. 

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I called this number and followed the prompts.. then the woman told me that VA does not have the authority to help in any way, even if you have a VA guaranteed home loan. She said they stopped doing that a year ago, February, which is funny to me because this announcement (which is also posted on the va home loans site) is dated in June, 2008.

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